We wanted to provide lots of resources so there were a ton of links shared in the audio book Nonprofit Social Media: A Beginner’s Guide to Nurturing Relationships from Your Desk!

Alas, it’s not always easy to remember URLs heard on an audiobook. And it’s a pretty bad idea to write them down when you’re driving! So we’ve listed them all here, organized by chapter. As mentioned in the book, some are referral links. But many aren’t. All should be helpful in your quest to use social media for your nonprofit.

Also, these links were compiled in 2012 for the book that was published in early 2013. Since social media is ever changing, feel free to list updated links or other helpful resources in the comments to this page.

Chapter 4: Finding Your Target Audience

Chapter 5: SEO For Your Nonprofit

Chapter 6: Your Own Website

Chapter 7: Blogging

Chapter 8: Email

Chapter 9: Google and Google+

Chapter 10: Facebook

Chapter 11: Twitter

Chapter 12 YouTube

Chapter 13 LinkedIn

Chapter 14 Seven More Social Media Sites to Check Out

Chapter 15 Some Final Thoughts on Staying Sane

Resources & Thanks (from the print version)



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