Google Plus for Nonprofits

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Find out why Google+ could be the most important online tool for your nonprofit

Wasn't your nonprofit work simpler before there were so many social media platforms cropping up every day? It's hard enough to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Now there's Google+ (pronounced "Google Plus").

How can you fit it into your busy schedule? And why should you?

Google+ for Nonprofits tells you why you need to take Google+ seriously for your nonprofit. And how to do it on just 15 minutes a day.

  • For now: Google+ is significantly impacting search. Your nonprofit's page on Google+ can help donors and advocates find you in a regular Google search. Marc shows you how to optimize your profile and page to make this happen.
  • For later: Google+ has incredibly powerful tools you can use in each step of the fundraising process: researching, engaging, asking, and loving. Marc shows you how to use Google+ in each stage. And he gives you ideas on how using Hangouts can make your nonprofit seem transparent and open without your CEO or Executive Director needing to leave her desk!

"I really loved 'Google+ for Nonprofits.' Marc is a seasoned fundraiser and a smart teacher. He writes just like he talks-down to earth, sympathetic and knowledgeable about the everyday challenges facing people in nonprofit organizations, and kind to beginners." --Joanne Fritz,

Save time and money with this detailed guide to getting your nonprofit effectively using Google+

Sure, you could take weeks and months learning to use Google+ yourself. But why waste all that time and money when you could just get a copy of "Google+ for Nonprofits" for yourself?

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