How To Tell a Powerful Fundraising Story

Powerful Nonprofit Storytelling

We’ve all heard that science proves stories are more powerful than statistics. Kendall Haven’s book Story Proof: The Science Behind the Startling Power of Story goes into great detail about hundreds and hundreds of studies. We’ve seen storytelling seminars for nonprofits and read the blog posts extolling the virtues of stories for fundraising. But how […]

[Guest Post] Telling Your Story In the Grant Proposal Budget

Diane H Leonard, Grant Writing Expert

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Diane H. Leonard, GPC. Diane is an accomplished grant professional who’s been providing provided grant counsel to nonprofit organizations of all sizes for over a decade. Since starting her firm – DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services, LLC – in 2006, she has secured more than $32 million […]

Are you giving donors the right clues?

Donors and assuming - a failed Periscope attempt

When we’re close to a system or procedure, we just assume everyone else knows what we know. We do this all the time with donors and board members. It’s like we’ve set up a system of roads but only put half the road signs up. I explain more in this short video. (I tried to […]

62 Books to put on Your Nonprofit Leaders Summer Reading List

The Fundraising Coach Book Shelf!

It’s August. If you’re like many nonprofit leaders, this is the month of the last minute scramble to get out of the office and grab some vacation. As you’re looking to go, consider taking a book with you. And since you’re a nonprofit leader, I’d suggest you make that book one on fundraising. Here are […]

How your nonprofit got into its fundraising mess

The Crisis in Nonprofit Leadership

When people join a nonprofit or start one, they typically think they’re going to get to do the “mission” – feeding kids, promoting art, conserving land, caring for the elderly, protecting animals. They rarely think about the funding. (Oddly, many fundraisers often don’t seem to understand that their main job is “raising funds.”) It’s as […]

[Guest Post] 9 Shocking Stats that Should Convince Your Church to Start Using Mobile Giving Today

Today I am pleased to introduce you to and Dean Sweetman. Many of you know, I’ve pastored a church for years. We were early adopters of online giving because I knew people should be able to give when they were doing bills at home if they wanted. I wish there had been an app […]

Donor Fatigue – the rest of the story

Jeff Brooks on Marc's Donor Fatigue is a Myth video

In his recent post, Jeff Brooks agreed with my “Donor Fatigue” video. And he went a step further. Like a newly minted Paul Harvey, he tells “the rest of the story.” Fundraiser Fatigue I love his concept of “fundraiser fatigue”! He says that we get tired of saying the same thing over and over so […]