II. RESOURCE SPOTLIGHT: Executive Director Opening

The Inland Foundation just received a $400,000 matching challenge grant to help us complete our current $1.1 million campaign. I was thrilled but the people around me were happy but not all were as exuberant as I was. Especially the board chairs.Â

I couldn’t figure out what the hesitation was about. This was a huge boon to our effort. As I discussed the gift with each person, they each asked, “Are we going to have to raise the entire $400,000 before we see any of the matching money?”

It turns out the matching gifts they’d all been familiar with were all-or-nothing propositions. You raise all the money or none of the match will be given. Wow! I’ve been a part of many matching gifts but none this strict. I had no idea how unclear the terms of this gift were to them.

Given their past experience, it’s natural that they would be reserved about the news of a $400,000 matching gift. It’s been very challenging raising the $660,000 we’ve raised this year. They were afraid that if we didn’t raise the entire additional $400,000 we wouldn’t see any of the challenge money.

I explained to them that this was a dollar-for-dollar match up to $400,000–every dollar we raise from here on out will be matched by the grant. That got them excited!

Matching challenges can be powerful ways for donors to leverage the impact of their philanthropy. Their gift helps breath life into the fundraising effort and they see the nonprofit stretch a bit to receive the full benefit of their generosity. That stretching helps the nonprofit grow its capacity either through increased giving from current donors or through new prospects coming on board to help the nonprofit meet the match.

Some matching grants are outright gifts that the nonprofit can use to inspire others. Others are 1:1 matches, others are 2:1 or even 3:1–that means every new $1 raised is matched with $3 from the matching grant. Just work with the donor to make sure her wishes are fully accomplished in a way that is most helpful to the nonprofit.

I have every reason to believe that we’ll raise the full $400,000 and blow way past our $1.1 million goal. But if you’re part of crafting a matching gift, remember to make sure that everyone involved is clear on the terms.

II. RESOURCE SPOTLIGHT: Executive Director Opening
Another job opening came across my desk since the last edition of Extreme Fundraising. This opportunity sounds great too!

Marc, Our firm has been retained to recruit an Executive Director for the Foundation for Bloomington Hospital and Healthcare System. Located in the diverse, college town of Bloomington , Indiana , Bloomington Hospital is a comprehensive 355-bed medical center offering high quality care to the residents of a nine-county region in southern Indiana .The Executive Director will serve as the chief administrator of the Foundation. The ED has responsibility for developing and executing strategic plans; developing and implementing
fundraising strategies; managing to board-approved budgets; and for communicating the mission and vision to the Foundation’s stakeholders and partners. This is an outstanding opportunity to work with a fabulous board and represent an organization that is respected and admired in the community.

Given your position, I am writing in the hope that you might identify for us individuals you feel are qualified and have the appropriate background for this position. We would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you may have. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any ideas or questions you might have. I can be reached by phone: 312/876-9800, or by email at Mbermingham@qlksearch.com.

To your extreme fundraising success!

To your extreme fundraising success!Marc

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