I received a terrific comment in response to an email I sent asking for help on a book I’m writing. After I answered it, I asked Lynn if I could reprint it here. I think we all face this scenario at one time or another!

Marc –

I’m currently working on a fundraiser and I still have trouble getting past the imposition of asking, feeling like it is a favor even when they have a budget for donations.


Dear Lynn,

Protecting the environment is one of the most important things a person could invest in!

I’ll get into this in the book but here’s a couple thoughts:

  1. Are you sold on the cause? Really sold? Do you really believe this is an incredible investment for the donors?Â

    If not, do whatever it takes to get there. Take another tour of the habitat. Talk to environmentalists. Talk to anyone that will convince you.

  2. Get to know all you can about the prospects both online (Google, etc.) and in person. Go to the clubs they go to (Rotary, etc.). Find out what aspect of conservation is important to them. Is it protecting the natural habitat of a specific species of birds? Is it climate stabilization? Something else?

When you ask a person to invest in your project in a way that shows you know what’s important to them, you increase your odds of a positive response AND you let the person know you think of them more as a person than as an ATM.

Thanks for your courage in pressing beyond your comfort to protect our natural resources!


I think we all could benefit from falling in love with our cause from time-to-time!

If you want a refresher on my GET R.E.A.L. approach to soliciting major gifts, check out my article here.

To you fundraising success!


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