We’re still in the midst of exploring the “ask”step in the Get R.E.A.L. asking for money process. Last time we’ve seen the importance of asking a specific amount and asking for a repeated gift next year.

How are your solicitations going? Are you finding it easier now that you’ve been practicing?
Today I’ll mention one of the single most important determiners of your effectiveness: making your own gift first.

Isn’t it amazing how simple the basics are? There is nothing flashy about this step.
But have you made your gift?

It’s far easier to ask someone to join you in making a gift than it is to simply ask them to make a gift. I think it’s got something to do with how believable the cause is to you. If you’ve made a gift, deep inside of yourself you’re more confident. You gave, so others will too.

People face a daily media blitz. So we’ve gotten pretty quick at figuring out if something is authentic or not. So have our donors.

And if you haven’t given, your donor prospects will know. Intuitively. And they often won’t give. They won’t be able to articulate why they’re not giving. They just won’t make the gift.

Why should they? It the cause doesnt “sell” you, the one working on it 24/7, why should it “sell” them?

Be sure to put some of your money where your mouth is.

Make your gift first!

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