The Chonicle of Philanthropy is always a wealth of information. In the article called Development Dollar Divide, they report on the awful and peristant gender gap in salaries. This is the 21st century, can’t we get on the same pay scale?!

Anyway, the last bit includes fundraising tips from experts. It’s well worth a look. It’s great to see other fundraisers comparing asking for money to dating! [Like my Engage! and Charitable Impulse posts.] Here are some excerpts from the article. I’ve bolded a couple phrases.

Douglas M. Lawson, a New York fund-raising consultant, said that he likes to hold small dinner parties for donors and their friends, largely because he is an experienced cook. “Do what you do naturally,” he said. “Cultivate from where you feel happy and comfortable.”

Mariann Payne, director of major gifts at United Cerebral Palsy, in Washington, urged fund raisers to organize small, intimate events instead of “soul-sucking galas,” which she said “sap your staff and sap your energy.”

Gatherings such as movie premieres and art-gallery events can often be done inexpensively with big results, Ms. Payne said. She estimated that she spent about $5,000 on printing and other costs for “salon” gatherings that last year recruited 25 donors who gave $10,000 or more apiece…

…Fund raisers should take their time and hold several meetings with a potential donor before asking for a large donation, Mr. Lawson said. A good rule of thumb is to budget five in-person meetings with donors who will be asked for a six-figure gift and at least six meetings for any gift of $1-million or more, he said. “Fund raising is like dating. Don’t propose right away. Cultivation takes time; solicitation is very short.”

Often, he said, a donor will ask him, “How can I help?” after hearing about the project in multiple meetings.

Don’t you just love the phrase “soul-sucking galas”?

Read the entire article here.

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