It’s a new year!

Do you have a plan for making this your best year yet?

In today’s issue, Nick Fellers from share’s a powerful way to get it off to a great start

100 Day Blitz

by Nick Fellers

When I’m working with an organization I like to finish our session with a 100-day action plan. 100 days provides a specific time-frame for an all-out BLITZ on our funding strategy. In 100 days you can also CHANGE an organization through momentum, activity, results, etc.

Here is a simple idea for you to think about in the next 100 days .. which, by the way takes you to the end of the year. (In truth, I should’ve sent this WOW out last Friday).

Idea: Spent the next 100 days focused on your top 33 funding prospects.

  • Getting visits … Make presentations … Maximize relationships
  • Sharing the Story & Presenting the Opportunity
  • Just ASK(ing)

We spend most of the year being pulled by urgent / not important … what if we focused this last quarter+ on the most important (not always urgent)?

Action: Identify, prioritize and strategize your top 33 prospects. List them in descending order of importance (Master Prospect List). Then ACT on your top 3 … next 10 … next 20. This is an a BLITZ!

Remember: 97 percent of your investments will come from 3 percent of your relationships (current/potential). Focus on the top of the proverbial funding pyramid.

The real WOW Idea (I believe): I watch as organizations are ALWAYS preparing to present to their top prospects / top relationships. For one reason or another, they always delay or defer. With this plan … you can’t do that! Good things will happen. I promise. Act Now!

Compelling, isn’t it? The mavericks at have incredible ideas and content.

The first 100 days of 2007 ends on April 10.

The first 100 business days of 2007 end on May 18 (including holidays).

Go for it and let me know how you do!

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