Thanks to everyone that responded to my “how do you find fundraising help in the web” email last week.

Many asked me to share my results so here they are:

Fundraising search terms

non-profit capital campaign, planned giving forms, annual campaign, foundations, grant opportunities, grant writing workshops, sample donation request letter, chocolate tasting fundraiser, +fundraising, +humane society, fund raising, fundraising, fund raiser, fundraiser, contribution, contributions, donation, donations, development, development department, giving levels, benefits, donor benefits, tax deductible gift/donation/contribution, in-kind giving, non-profit, non profit, nonprofit, Funds required, Funds for Africa, Funding for Higher Education, major gifts, planned giving, philanthropy, fundraising, fundraising, Executive Director, Non profit org, "gift+annuity+reinsurance", "direct+marketing+association", "chronicle+philanthropy+top+400", "fundraising+consultant", "development+consultant", “development training”, “fundraising training”, “fundraising classes”, “annual giving”, “fundraising courses”

Fundraising Help Websites

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