Just watched the latest episode of Oprah’s The Big Give. (And I’m commited to keeping this post far shorter than the last Big Give post!)

The final words of the judge Malaak Compton-Rock really get at what I mean when I teach seminar attendees and coaching clients they need to engage. If we’re not connecting with the people we’re serving–be it as a nonprofit or as a donor–we really don’t know what the right gift is.

It was chilling to hear the the mom Sheg was sent to help say the money could’ve gone so much further.


Rachael was guilty of not listening too. She insisted on “helping” the lady that didn’t need anything done. In reality, it was pretty clear Rachael was only helping herself.

It makes me wonder about the dozens of nonprofits that are being created on a daily basis. What if the founder decided to help work with an existing nonprofit instead? Or what if the ones struggling for existence are simply “solving” a need no one is feeling?

It’s humbling to know that, like Stephen found out, all people often need is to be heard and treated like equals.

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