Jim Bush wasn’t able to make it to Andrew Mosawi’s Web 2.0 seminar here in Montreal. So I thought I’d blog my notes and tweet the link to him.

Web 1.0 – all about commerce
Web 2.0 – all about people

It’s all about relationships, not the technology

The fastest growth in internet users is grandparents. Our DIRECT MAIL folks are GOING ONLINE!!!

Average policing time on Wikipedia: 4 minutes

Wikipedia: 1.5 million articles and growing. Encyclopedia Britannica: 42,000…

Blogs: Kryptonite locks were breakable by a Bic pen. The blogosphere rallied and Kryptonite missed it.

Bloggers: more likely to have an income over $75,000 and are much more likely to buy things online

Seth Godin “The best blogs start conversations, they don’t control them.”

Widgets: flickr, facebook (see my frcoach blog), 6degrees, chipin.com,

How do we treat a $20 giver that pulled in $50,000 gifts for your org from his network?

YouTube: can have great success telling your story. no need to have professional film crew

Wired Mag: Wired. Tired. Expired. Do, or stop. They recommend focusing all your efforts in one space rather than diluting it across 4 or 5 platforms.

What’s important to your organization? Engagement or money.

“Causes” engage but don’t necessarily monetize

Kiva.org, givemeaning, donorschoose: it’s almost like we missed a step…donors used to have to go through someone to help people…

Content is king: no more going to websites, with RSS the content comes to me,

The Long Tail: Donor Pyramid is the head of the tail, it still applies but the longtail is in social networking, we can now impact conversations than ever before

What does that look like for your organization? Where are you putting your effort?

Twitter is like hanging out with your friends. Blogging is like reading their homework.

Don’t you wish you were here? 🙂

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