Well, my intended guest Stephen Nill, founder and CEO of CharityChannel.com was embroiled in nasty network outages that kept him from being on the show.

I guess this was bound to happen with a live radio show! 🙂

So I took the unexpected time to wax eloquent on thoughts about “doing the right thing” with our older donors. (At least I hope I was waxing eloquently!)

You can hear the 20-minute show at the fundraising radio show’s home page.

I refer to my three blog posts on septa- and octo-genarians that surprised everyone by giving millions in their estate to charity. The surprise was that they didn’t seem “that” well off. (You can read about the most recent one, James Ebbert, here. That post has links to the other “unassuming” philanthropists.)

Then let me know what you think.

  • Do you regularly thank $100 donors?
  • Do you have formal ways of getting to know folks that support your organization who were alive around the Great Depression?
  • Do you think I’m totally off-base in my recommendations?

Use the “comment” feature here or shoot me an email at marc@fundraisingcoach.com.

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