Turn on any news program and you’ll hear about how bad the economy is.

But I’ve been hearing some even more disturbing news: some nonprofits are telling their donors “we know the economy is rough so we won’t ask you for money.”

Don’t do that!

Compassion during times like these is important. Times are hard. Liquidity is an issue for donors.

But there’s nothing compassionate about not asking.

I definitely encourage you to be flexible with your fundraising asks. Ask people to volunteer their time. Or stretch payments over a longer period of time. But don’t stop asking! Especially now–we’re heading into the most generous time of the year!

Think about it. What happens when times get tough? People rely on the nonprofit sector even more. If you’re saying you won’t ask your donors for support, you’re doing it just as your services will be needed now more than ever.

It may be a bit more uncomfortable for you to ask, but just think about the clients you’ll have to turn away if you don’t ask. And get out there to raise money for your cause.

Network for Good had a terrific list of “Six Ways to Survive the Economic Storm”. They are:

  1. Don’t curl into a fetal position.
  2. Set realistic goals.
  3. Don’t abuse your existing donors.
  4. Get online today.
  5. Don’t undersell yourself.
  6. Admit to donors that it’s hard.

Isn’t #1 great? 🙂 You can read their entire article at: Six Ways to Survive the Economic Storm.

I’ve also written an article called Recession-proof Fundraising. Many are using this as a tool to communicate with CEO’s and boards that are looking at slashing budgets. (I advocate funding fundraising activities, even in a down economy.)

You can ride this out. You will need to do things differently. But you can do it.

And you’ll be stronger for it.

So get out there and ask you donors for money!

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