Google Friend Connect on FundraisingCoach.comI love the benefits of social media: the ability to make connections, meet people I’d never meet staying here in Maine, two-way conversation rather than simply one-way broadcasting, etc.

So I’ve added Google FriendConnect to my site. Just go to and you’ll see the group on the left side of the screen. (I’m assuming you’re reading this from a blog reader rather than actually being on the site!)

The Official Google Blog states:

Friend Connect makes it easy for anyone to sign in to a website, share a little bit about themselves through a personal profile, discover other people with similar interests, invite their contacts, and interact with friends. Even better, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of creating yet another username and password — Friend Connect lets you log in using an existing account from Google, Yahoo, AOL, or OpenID. Similarly, you can choose to either establish a new profile or use profiles and friend sources from other social networks that have opened up their services, like Plaxo and orkut.

Sounds easy, huh?

So why not venture over to and join today?

As this grows, I’ll share my insights on how this tool can help your nonprofit raise money and create donor evangelists. But even before then, you can get to know some of the thousands of people that are regular readers of this blog!

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