“Sheesh. I can’t remember their name…but if I saw their face! Then I’d know them!”

How often have you heard that said? Or said it yourself?

If you’re doing nonprofit marketing or fundraising on the web with social media like Facebook and Twitter, you know the importance of having your face (or logo if you must) associated with your account.

But have you ever left a comment on someone’s blog and wonder why some people have faces with their comments while others don’t?

It’s all to do with the email address you use in the comment form.

Thanks to a site called Gravatar.com, that email address locates a picture of you.

Register for free, and you can upload an image to be used on blogs across the web. The best part is, you get to associate different images with different emails. Sort of like a mullet, right? One image for your email that’s “all business on top”; another image for your email that’s “all party in the back.” 🙂

Look at the difference. Here are two blogs I ran into today that had users not registered on Gravatar.com. The sites are GailPerry.com and TessGerritsen.com:
click to enlarge
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[You can click on these images, and the one below, to enlarge them.]

Check out the difference on 300wordsaday.com, a blog by Jon Swanson:
click to enlarge

Can you see how much more professional people look with a real face next to their comments? So do yourself a favor and head over to Gravatar.com. You’ll be helping people put a face to your name in no time!

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