Today is President’s Day in the USA. So I got to thinking: how could a nonprofit use this holiday for fundraising?

Here are two ideas I came up with:

(1) President’s Day Mailing

Send a mailing to your database listing all the past presidents — however they’re called at your organization (board chairs, executive directors, CEOs).

Give donors the option of making a donation in honor or memory of those people. Keep it brief but use it to celebrate the past.

(2) Stewardship/Thank You Gathering

Or you could invite all those people to a cocktail party in their honor. This might not be a great “asking” event, but it’s a wonderful way to remind them that your organization remembers them. It’s also a great way to

  1. involve people that knew these men and women
  2. strengthen relationships with the spouses of the “presidents”
  3. and you can glean lots of great stories from these past leaders!

Two quick ideas you might put on your calendar for next year.

What other ways could you make Presidents’ Day a fundraising day? Tell us in the comments!

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