Commenting on blogs is a great way to grow your online community and to make connections with people.

Blog comment basics

We all know blog posts shouldn’t be spammy or sales pitches. Ok, not everyone knows this, but it would be nice if they did!

Comments should be

  • on topic and more than a “me too”
  • providing something of value, and
  • expanding the conversation.

One great way to do this is to pick out one part of the post and let the writer know why you agree or disagree. Or comment on someone else’s comment.

How to make your blog comment stand out

Let’s assume your blog comments already stand out because of their awesome content, and you have already put your face on your comments. Did you know there’s another simple way to make them stand out even more?

Most of us know that links in blog comments don’t help SEO since most links are given a “nofollow” attribute. And too many links will get your comment filtered out by spam tools like Akismet.

But one simple way of making your comment stand out is to simply but your business name or website after your name in the “name” field.

When you see a form like this, just adding your website,
1 Simple Way to Make Your Blog Comments stand out

makes your comment look like this:
1 Simple Way to Make Your Blog Comments stand out

Do you see how that simple change would make your blog comments stand out? Leave a comment to let me know! 😛

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