Ever have one of those to-do lists that keeps getting added to but never seems to have things getting crossed off? They can become garbage barges loaded with the guilt of undone tasks. Here’s a quick tip to help you get more done: schedule your to-do’s.

Time Management tip: Schedule your to-do's

Tools like Google Calendar can let you do all sorts of things.

  1. Schedule Q2 time

    I use a calendar I call “time blocking” to remind myself of things I want to attend, like this #ynpchat. This calendar shows up online but not on my phone. So if people want to sign up for coaching, I know Mondays and Tuesdays are great for that. (It gives them the majority of the work week to take action on our coaching.) And if people want me to speak or train, I know Thursdays and Fridays are good on my calendar.

    I’m not a prisoner to those times. But they remind me of the important things that I want to do. Stephen Covey calls this “Quadrant 2” time– things that are important but aren’t urgent. The things we need to do but don’t have deadlines attached to them. For many fundraisers, writing thank you notes falls into this category, doesn’t it?

  2. Schedule weekly tasks

    Each of us has things we need to do to maintain our job or business. It was far too easy for me to ignore those tasks when on a to-do list. But when I started putting them on the calendar, they started getting done.

    I like scheduling these on the calendar that does sync up with my phone. And I try to schedule these earlier in the week so that if I have to move it, there is still plenty of week to move it too.

  3. Schedule your 100

    All of us have personal things we want to do that reach your list of 100 dreams and goals for the year. Putting them on your calendar helps ensure they get done.

    One of my 100 things is to make a meat pie each month. So that got put on my calendar for Saturday. The bonus? Since my wife can see my calendar, she was able to plan on my making dinner. It’s always good having someone help you accomplish your goals!

Do you see how scheduling your to-do’s can help you actually do them?

What other time management tips have you found work for you?

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