If you’re like me, you haven’t engaged an agency to conduct a pay-per-click campaign. I wouldn’t know where to start, so I’m pleased to have this guest post from Taylor Gabel. He is an Online Marketer and Entrepreneur specializing in SEO and general online money making. In his spare time he enjoys writing/sharing his thoughts online for both work and pleasure.

by Taylor Gabel

If you’re about to spend money on a PPC marketing campaign by way of a paid search agency, you need to know a little bit about the song and dance routine most businesspeople have to participate in with these agencies. It’s not that these agencies aren’t beneficial, they most certainly are, but considerations must be made regarding which agency you choose to do business with. Many know what they’re doing, but only a few will take the time to make sure your campaign is not only a success for them, but a success for you as well. Here’s how you make sure you find the right one:

Meet the People You’re Paying

You’re going to be introduced to the faces of these consultation companies? The big time players who will wine and dine you into a deal. These guys will seem to know what they’re talking about, but they won’t be the guys who do the actual work for you. It’s vital that you ultimately meet the individuals who do the real work behind the scenes for clients. You want to make sure they’re competent, but more importantly, you want to establish a face-to-face relationship with these people in order to make your objectives clear and voice be heard.

Recognize Responsibility

Many agencies make it a point to tell clients that for the time that the campaign is being formulated there should be limited client involvement. Some folks might take offense to that, but it’s a sign of a responsible agency. Too many times, agencies allow clients to have free-reign on many PPC issues including bids, in order to please them. This results in a confused and often worthless campaign that’s hardly worth the money spent. Good agencies allow clients to come in and overview the project and offer feedback, but they primarily avoid granting any control of bids to them. Take it as good sign.

Know the Rules

Depending on the campaign’s initial approach ? whether it’s bidding tactics of a portfolio strategy, there are certain ways in which the PPC campaign plays out. It’s important that you understand the nature of whichever plan you and the agency decided to act using. For this, many agencies provide a big management tool for clients to analyze the action from the sidelines. That way you can stay informed on what’s happening and can be aware of what could happen.

Other than that, do the appropriate research. Make sure you get into business with an agency that comes highly reviewed online and who comes off responsible and efficient. Always meet these people in person or at the very least telecommunicate with them, ideally with something like Skype. Good PPC campaigns are waged through the proper balance of agency insight and client understanding.

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