I’m currently teaching a college course on internet marketing. This week I’m really pushing them to define their target market.

Most of them are trying to say, “Really, my market is everybody.”

Are you doing this with your fundraising?

If you are, “marketing to everyone” is a sure way to fail.

Here’s what I posted in the class forum:

You’ll find, when you market to “everybody” you end up reaching nobody.

The more focused your message can be, the more likely it will break through all the noise.

The great thing, if you do focus, others outside of your demographic will
1. be as likely to hear the message as they were before
2. be far more likely to refer your ideal demographic to you!

To get clear on their target market, I’m pushing them to identify:

  • the age
  • gender
  • marital/life stage status
  • neighborhood
  • income level
  • number of kids
  • and interests

Then I want them to give the person a name.

Do you agree? Let’s have a conversation in the comments below.

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