About an hour ago, I tweeted a question about what to use for photo editing on my brand new Mac. (Yep, looks like my PC died. So after about 16 years of being PC, I’m back to being Mac.)

In the tweet, I mentioned I’d used SnagIt on my PC and loved it, but wasn’t sure what to use now.

SnagIt was listening! Check out their response.

SnagIt's Twitter Reply

This is a great example of effective social media: they’re not merely broadcasting, they’re dialoguing. And they’re helping me find exactly what I said I was looking for: their product. If I wanted SnagIt headlines, I’m sure I could’ve signed up for an RSS feed to have those pushed to me. But I didn’t even know SnagIt was on Twitter, much less that they were listening.

Kudos to the folks at SnagIt and TechSmith. I haven’t purchased the software, but since I’ve happily used it for years, I just might.

How about you? Are you using social media to merely push out news headlines and fundraising appeals? Or are you using it to actually engage donors and supporters?

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