PlaneI’ve been doing a lot of travel lately. As a result, I’ve learned to savor the time at home.

Here are some things to consider if your job has you traveling and you want to stay married.

  1. Take half days when you are home

    Travel isn’t the most productive time for work. I love being in my own office and being productive.

    But I forget that my wife and kids love having me around. And being in my home office isn’t “being around.”

    The last few times I’ve come home, I’ve scheduled half days for myself; half for the family. Half days are win-win. I get about as much done in a half day as a whole day. And I get to enjoy being around my family too!

    This works when I’m home for 1-3 days.

  2. Do your own laundry

    Seriously. Your spouse has been the only one doing the laundry while you were away. And if you’ve been away for a while, you probably already have a full load. So just do it.

    The bonus? You get to get things out of the dryer before they need ironing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wash the dishes

    This is so simple. Dishes really aren’t something I enjoy.

    But do any of us?

    It’s amazing how a powerful a simple gesture like cleaning up after dinner is. So do it. Your spouse could use the break. And honestly, you could use the repetitive mindless work.

Travel for work and staying married can happen. What tips do you have?

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