This is my first BlogWorldExpo and I ended up speaking twice. I knew about one of the sessions. But I filled in for a person who didn’t show too.

But even in the few sessions I could attend where I wasn’t speaking, I have learned a ton!

Here are 10 things I learned in no particular order, just written out in stream of consciousness.

@georgecaweiner & @mikenealis
1. Create an email called “” to make it really easy for people to share photos of them using your stuff or supporting your cause
2. List out what you want from this session, how much time it’ll take, and why (the why will significantly increase the chances of you actually doing it)
3. Look at data comprehensively. Traffic isn’t the only stat. If time on site is your goal, you may find that from sites a little lower on the “traffic” stat.

4. Eat your fear. Doing anything worthwhile will take you to fearful places. Learn to eat your fear to keep you going.
5. Becareful about where you bring your mobile phone. There is no security setting to protect you from stupid.
6. If you don’t have haters, you’re not shaking up the status quo enough.

7. Sometimes you have to take a step on the path without knowing where it’s going to go.
8. This isn’t the era of experts, but the era of the curious. People able to ask really good questions.

@guykawasaki & @chrisbrogan
9. Check out apps like “reply and more” for Google+ (on Chrome), Buffer app (for tweets)
10. Fill out your Google+ profile well. “Self” isn’t helping you as an employer description. Say what you do.
11. Engage people with what interests them, not necessarily what interests you.

So that’s 10 things I learned at BlogWorld Expo. Well. 11. Some big picture; some incredibly tactical. 11 things that are helping me revisit, rethink, and refine what I do.

And this is only the first day!

Oh yeah, there was a twelfth thing:

12. @beckymccray is hilarious.

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