Whether you love or hate New Year Resolutions, millions of people use January 1 to start new habits.

As a result, I’ve been asked by several bloggers and magazines what New Year resolution I would suggest people make. My answer for nonprofit folks? Ask more.

If you could do only one thing this year

As I’ve worked with nonprofits over the last year or two, I’ve noticed a tendency to do everything but ask. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in developing donors and engaging prospects and thanking supporters. I think it’s good to learn how to tell their story effectively. These are all great and they’re vital for a robust development effort.

But you don’t have a development effort if you don’t ask for money.

As a fundraiser, not asking for money is tantamount to malpractice.

Your job is to raise money.

  • “Getting word out” about your nonprofit is nice, but it isn’t enough.
  • Sitting back hoping the letters you sent inspires people to give isn’t enough.

You need to ask people to take the specific action of giving money.

You need to ask them. Get on the phone. Set up solicitation appointments. You can even use fundraising events, provided you make an ask!

Get passionate about asking

I’m passionate about asking. I’ve written alot about asking on this blog. Check out https://fundraisingcoach.com/category/asking/

I even started FundraisingKick to help give people the kick they needed to get out the door!

I’m convinced that as you get some more positive asks under your belt, as you see donor’s eyes light up with excitement about being able to invest in your cause, you’ll get addicted to asking!

Whether you believe you’ll ever get addicted to asking or not, this year commit to getting better at asking! The people you serve will reap the reward of your effort!

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