Thank you!

Valentine Day for nonprofit fundraisers
As a fundraiser for a nonprofit cause, you are changing the world. Making it a better place.

We need people like you!

Loving the askers

If we’re good at fundraising, we spend considerable time thinking about how to best thank our donors. We throw galas, write notes, set up tours and appointments with the Executive Director. This is perfectly appropriate as they are the ones that fund what we do.

But today I want to say thanks to you, the asker. The #1 reason anyone makes a gift is because they’re asked. They are asked.

How do you say thanks to yourself? As you know, precious few will do it for you. I’m not moaning or griping when I say that. It’s just the way it is in most charities.

Don’t let it be that way today.

Today, show yourself some love

Today do something to thank yourself:

  • give yourself a pat on the back,
  • watch the brief thank you to fundraisers video I recorded in June
  • write yourself a Valentine’s note and send it in the mail
  • call and leave yourself a voicemail thanking your self for the great work you’re doing.
  • or do something far more creative.

It’s up to you. You’re changing the world. Be sure to stop and say thanks.

Tell us about your Valentine to yourself

Share what you do here in the comments!

And if you are a blogger, write about your saying thanks. Then enter it in this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival.

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