As the one-person development office at a rural hospital, my CEO kept asking me: “Why are we going back to the same people? When are you going to find new people?”

He wasn’t impressed by all the statistical and logical answers about donor retention and most of the money coming from those who already love us. He glazed over like I was trying to trick him with smoke and mirrors. Honestly, it even sounded to me like I was making excuses.

I wish I’d had 100 Donors in 90 Days back then!

100 Donors in 90 Days

100 Donors in 90 Days

Last fall, I started brainstorming with the folks at 501 Videos and with Pamela Grow. We wanted to put together an extremely practical tool that would help one-person development shops. Something that would help you expand your database.

100 Donors in 90 Days is the result!

30 minutes a day

We interviewed a dozen of the top fundraising experts from around the world, asking them for one or two incredibly practical ways you could add a dozen new donors each week. We recorded these conversations. And we asked each expert to create an action guide to help you put their ideas into practice during the week. Some of them are so step-by-step you hardly have to think about what to do!

100 Donors in 90 Days - Action Guides
In addition to conversations with Pamela Grow and myself, we interviewed:

  • Tom Ahern
  • Ken Burnett
  • Amy Eisentstein
  • Gail Perry
  • John Haydon
  • David Mersky
  • Mazarine Treyz
  • Andrea Kihlstedt
  • Shanon Doolittle
  • and Kerri Tilby

One fundraising expert each week

Each week after you buy 100 Donors in 90 Days, you’ll hear our conversation with one of the experts. They’ll share a couple really easy things you can do to find new donors. These recordings become yours. You can keep going back to listen to them over and over again.

But if you’re like me, conversations alone aren’t much help. Acting on the conversations is when the magic happens.

One action guide each week!

So we’ve worked with each expert to provide you an action guide each week, for 12 weeks!

These action guides will fill out the steps talked about in the conversation, provide links, and help you find at least 100 new donors in the next 90 days!

$50 off this week only!

This program is a steal at $149. But as a special offer to readers, 501 Videos is offering it for $50 off this week only!

Getting 100 new donors is powerful for any nonprofit. Even if your shop is bigger than one person, think of what 100 new donors in the next 90 days could mean for you!

As part of this special first week, 501 Videos is even throwing in 10 Movie Mondays episodes on stewarding donors! Not only will you attract new donors, you’ll be able to keep them!

No more awkward conversations with your boss or board

12 weeks of practical, easy to follow tips and techniques will give you a solid answer when your boss or board asks, “Who are our new donors?”

To get your discounted copy of 100 Donors in 90 Days and the bonus videos, go to right now!

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