Dialing for dollars! The end of the fiscal year fundraising pushFor many of us, June is the end of the fiscal year.

Most donors could care less. But that doesn’t mean we can slack off!

A deadline is a great motivator. So even if it is a deadline that makes no sense to donors (donors think in terms of the tax year), it can still motivate a gift.

Here are some steps I shared last week with my Fundraising Kick subscribers that will help you get on the phone and ask for money!

  1. Decide which is more important to your nonprofit:
    • raising money to meet goal or
    • increasing the number of donors.

    I’m serious. For many of you, dollars in the door are the most important. But some of you have already hit your goal. If that’s the case, use this month to get even more donors in the door.

  2. Next run a list of all the people that gave last fiscal year (last July through last June).

    If you need to raise more money, sort the list from biggest gift to lowest.

    If you want to get more donors, you might want to sort it by lowest gift first.

  3. Start calling! Either goal, set aside at least an hour a day for calls.

These calls aren’t for setting up appointments. This is straight dialing for dollars.

“Hi, this is ________ from [nonprofit name]. We’re grateful for your support in the past and were wondering if you’d be able to make a gift before our fiscal year ends on June 30.”

Be sure to be able to take credit card numbers over the phone. That is the best way to go. It’s easier for them and it’s money in the bank for your nonprofit.

And have fun bringing in the dollars and donors. Seriously. This is a part of fundraising!

What phone fundraising tips would you add?

Let us know in the comments!

For three more simple tips on fundraising by phone, check out my YouTube video: 3 quick tips to make your fundraising calls more effective

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