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What’s all the fuss?

Donor retention is, that’s what. Some reports show that the average nonprofit loses, loses, 70% of donors between the first and second gifts.

If you’re average, 70 of each 100 new donors you got last year won’t give to you again.

Getting new donors isn’t cheap

What the industry calls “acquiring” donors is expensive. But keeping them isn’t. “Retaining” is always less expensive.

So the most cost effective thing you can do for your nonprofit this year is focus on keeping the people who have already given to you.

Your board members understand this. No business could survive if it lost 70% of new customers every year. It’s time for nonprofits to learn it too.

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The Donor Retention Project

So Chris Davenport, Pamela Grow, and I (the creators of 100 Donors in 90 Days) set out to fix that. We collected a dozen interviews with experts to help your nonprofit stop losing donors. One of the experts, Adrian Sargeant, shows that even a 1% increase in donor retention can have a 100% increase on your fundraising results!

The 12 experts are:

  1. Adrian Sargeant
  2. Simone P. Joyaux
  3. Shanon Doolittle
  4. Roger Craver
  5. Gail Perry
  6. Lisa Sargent
  7. Ian Adair
  8. Jonathon Grapsas
  9. John Lepp
  10. Me
  11. Pamela Grow
  12. Dan Blakemore

It’s the most comprehensive set of expert interviews, step-by-step instructions, and templates ever assembled in a nonprofit “home study course.” You get 12 interviews and 12 action guides that give you templates and break down the ideas into concrete, easy-to-follow steps. You even get online access to all the content!

And if you order before April 5, you get a special price and some bonus DVDs.

Start learning today!

Go to The Donor Retention web site to see all the details and buy your copy. www.DonorRetentionProject.com

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