Quick things to consider when designing your nonprofit's logoNonprofit’s love designing and redesigning their logos. Logos provide us with a sense of legitimacy. They give us an identity.

Asking these three questions while you’re designing your logo will save you alot of time and money later.

  1. Will it work in 1-color?

    Graphic designers are great. They are creative and know how to make our world look beautiful. But in my experience, most think only in 4-color images. The truth is, your nonprofit isn’t always going to want to pay for 4-color printing for every single appeal, business envelope, or reply card.

    So make sure your logo options look good in one color. Using different tones can be a great way for a 2-color or 1-color logo to look more professional.

  2. Will it be identifiable reduced to a 32 pixel x 32 pixel square?

    Since so much of our work is happening online, our logos need to be identifiable in big pictures, and in little ones. Facebook will reduce your page’s image to 32×32 in the newsfeed. So make sure people will be able to easily make sense of it!

  3. Will it be easy to embroider on clothing?

    Another thing I’ve seen graphic designers love is colors that fade out or fade into another color. These do look really nice on paper. But they can be an amazing pain if you’re going to ever try to embroider the logo on polo shirts or on hand bags.

    So take the image to your local embroidery/screen printing shop and ask.

These are three common problems I’ve run into. What would you add?

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