UNICEF Ad Against SlacktivistsThe Chronicle of Philanthropy just posted a note about an article in The Atlantic called “UNICEF Tells Slacktivists: Give Money, Not Facebook Likes.”

This really bothers me.

How dare we as NGOs or nonprofits command people in how to support us. How dare we berate them for “only” helping their friends know we exist by sharing about us on social media.

When we get to the point of feeling so frustrated that people aren’t giving, we need to grow up and realize our donors or “slacktivists” aren’t the problem. We are.

People Give Money Because They Are Asked

Study after study shows the #1 reason people don’t give is they’re not asked. It stands to reason the #1 reason people “like” a page on Facebook is that they are asked.

I’m glad UNICEF Sweden is helping people realize that as nice as “social proof” is, a like alone doesn’t save a life. But to have a harsh video like the one below beat up on people for not giving? That is a waste of resources and trust.

UNICEF Sweden spent alot time, effort, and presumably money, to basically tell the world their fundraising is ineffective.


I sure hope they got a government grant to fund it.

Get Better at Asking!

If your nonprofit isn’t getting the funding it needs, get better at asking. Don’t whine that people are “only” amplifying your message on social media. Sheesh. Many nonprofits would love to have that “problem.”

Lot’s of great training is out there. There are free fundraising articles and fundraising books and DVDs here on this site. The site www.MovieMondaysVideos.com offers free fundraising help. The presenters from Charity How To offer amazing webinars. A bunch of us have created 100 Donors in 90 Days and the companion Donor Retention Project.

Dozens of my colleagues have excellent blogs and websites, many with links on the right side of this blog. Even a simple Google search on “fundraising help” brings up great tools.

There’s simply no excuse for bad asking. UNICEF Sweden, if you need help, email me. I even speak Swedish.

The irony? I found UNICEF Sweden’s video on YouTube. Another social media site. Ironic, no?

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