Marc Pitman Fundraising Coach giving a series of lectures at the castle at Glen EyrieA couple weeks ago, I gave a series of lectures at the Funding Your Ministry Symposium to over 100 coaches from around the world. These people represented 48 different missionary associations including large organizations like The Navigators, InterVarsity, Cru, YWAM, and Wycliffe.

The people they coach are raising their own ministry support. They don’t have time to mess around, wasting time. But they aren’t often the most eager fundraisers. They know they have to ask for money, but they got into their position to do “ministry,” not raise support.

Sounds like most people that start nonprofits, doesn’t it? They just want to do mission, not have to deal with the funding.

So these coaches get to help people see that fundraising is ministry. They were a wonderful bunch. They asked me to speak on:

  • The 5 Habits of Highly Successful Fundraisers

  • Helping Others Succeed at Fundraising (This much I know is true)

  • Overcoming Discouragment in Fundraising

Since they graciously recorded my talks, I’m offering them for free on my site. Go to the Symposium page here at to get the complete audio files, links to the PowerPoints, and links to any tools I shared.

If you’re fundraising for a faith-based cause, particularly for a Christian ministry, I’m sure you’ll benefit from these talks.

I also recommend you check out Scott Morton’s Funding Your Ministry. It’s simply the best book I’ve read for helping people raise their own ministry support.

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