This month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival involves writing an anonymous letter to your board. Anything was fair game.

Here is my letter.

An anonymous letter to a nonprofit board member

Dear Jane,

Thank you. Thank you so much for giving your time and money to make our world a better place by your work here.

You are more important for this organization than you know. I wish I could really make you believe it.

You are so thoughtful, kind, and considerate.

I know the fundraising solicitations we’re asking board members to help with has you tied in knots. We really aren’t asking you to become someone you’re not. You don’t need to be assertive like George. And we’re not asking you to become pushy like your crazy cousin.

And you don’t need to memorize all the facts about us or a sales script.

All you really need to do is tell your story. You’re already giving your time and money to us. You clearly value our work. All you need to do is share that with the people you’ve identified. You don’t even have to ask them for money. I’ll do that.

I know you well enough to know you won’t believe me. You’re just thinking I’m saying things to make you feel better. But I ran across a tool that might convince you. There’s a free asking styles profile I’d love you to take at

Once you’ve taken it, I’d love to go over it with you.

I am so glad you’re on our board. Thank you.

Marc A. Pitman,

What would you write?

If you could write an anonymous letter to your board, what would you say?

Ha! I just realized adding my name makes it not anonymous! Oops!

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