Apple iPhone6 Lines in NYC by Kate Arnold Fitzpatrick

Apple iPhone 6 Lines in NYC,
Photograph by Kate Arnold Fitzpatrick

Today the Apple iPhone 6 hits the streets. People are lining up by the hundreds like the line going around the block in this image from New York City.

Are they lining up that way for your nonprofit’s fundraising?

Yesterday I published an article on LinkedIn’s Pulse called Ebola, iPhone 6, & your nonprofit’s fundraising. In it I look at how storytelling might play a role in people’s response to causes and products getting more-or-less equal press. In the next 7 days, the world will spend about 81/2 times more on iPhones than it would cost to contain the Ebola outbreak.

What people do with their own money is up to them. I think nonprofits can learn from Apple’s power at communicating to customers, a power missed in the messages about the Ebola crisis.

Read the entire post at: Ebola, iPhone 6, & your nonprofit’s fundraising (

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