Follow Up Friday!

This morning, I was inspired by reading “The Ball is Always in Your Court” on the blog. So I’m declaring today Follow Up Friday.

In the post, Tom Suddes says that of the three parts of any ask, the follow up is the most important. I agree. In fact, I start the follow up at the ask. I teach coaching clients to ask questions like, “May I follow up with you in a week if we haven’t heard back?”

It’s integrity, not nagging

Too often, following up feels like nagging. We tell ourselves we must be bugging the person.

But if we’ve started the follow up in the ask, calling back is simply being a person of integrity. You are simply doing what you promised to do. You’re a person of your word.

Make today “Follow Up Friday!”

So make today your “follow up Friday.” Whether or not you started the follow up at the ask, make today the day you follow up with the donor. Use the phone, write a note, send an email. Today isn’t about beating yourself up over details of technique. Today simply about working in the most important stage of your ask: the follow up.

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