As much as I love to do in-person leadership and fundraising trainings, sometimes you just can’t get to them. So webinars can be incredibly helpful.

Over the last few months, I’ve done webinars for NCDC, qGiv, NonprofitHub, and Bloomerang.

Webinars on Leadership and Fundraising

Here are free recordings of all four webinars.

Nonprofit Leadership Goal-Setting

Our nonprofit leadership research shows that nonprofit leaders struggle with time management both personally and for the organization. Which is all about setting goals. And organizing your entire organization in the direction of accomplishing them! I was able to share a couple versions of this for personal and organizational goal-setting.

Both share the importance of quality planning, organizational alignment, and how to do both well. And both share a very practical process for mapping out your most important goals – and even how to identify which ones are “most important”!

Nonprofit Leadership Storytelling

Learn why nonprofits, organizations that should be flowing and harmonious often devolve into silos and inter-departmental in-fighting. And, learn the stories to be collecting to help everyone get on the same page!

Fundraising for Nonprofit Ministry

Based on my most recent book, Ask Without Fear for Christian Ministry, this training is a great beginning point for those new to fundraising for ministry and a great, palette cleansing refresher for veteran leaders!

4 Hours – Free thanks to NonprofitHub, Bloomerang, Qgiv, & NCDC

So if you’re looking for free webinars to help you grow as a leader, now you have them – thanks to NonprofitHub, Bloomerang, Qgiv, and NCDC.

Each of these organizations run great webinar series. So after you’ve watched the videos, be sure to check out the others the offer.

And if you want even more, check out more than 80 fundraising, marketing, and leadership training at The Nonprofit Academy: You’ll even see trainings from some of the hosts above!

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