Nonprofit Blog Carnival: How do you keep your donors wanting to come back?

Hope to come back soon

I am honored to have host February's Nonprofit Blog Carnival!

Last month the Carnival looked at Your Big Dream for 2013. This month, we're asking: how do you keep donors engaged for a second gift?

According to studies in the USA, the average nonprofit loses an astounding 70% of donors each year. That means every year, 7 out of 10 donors don't give again. Businesses would go bankrupt with this poor retention. And in these trying economic times many nonprofits are too.

Write your post and submit it for consideration

If you're game to play, write a post about what you do to increase donor retention. To keep donors wanting to stay connected with your nonprofit. Then email that post to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival at

The team will look over all submissions and share the best on Wednesday, February 27 here on

Anyone can play! Whether your blog is large or not-as-large-as-you-would-like, whether you see yourself as a newbie or a veteran, there are no excuses. If you write a post, submit it! You'll be in a cool group of writers. You'll be helping nonprofits raise more money and reduce costs. And you'll be driving traffic back to your site. It's a "win" all around!

Send your posts before the end of day Monday, February 25

We look forward to your submissions! It's as easy as:

  1. Write a blog post on some aspect of what you do to help donors make a second gift.
  2. Send it to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival at before Monday, February 25. (include the permalink of your post, your name and blog name)
  3. Check back here at the end of February to see loads of posts with great donor retention ideas!

Notes from the Nonprofit Blog Carnival Organizers

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