16 experts tell you how to keep your donors wanting to come back

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Since we celebrate Valentines Day in February, I thought I'd have this edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival focus on long-term donor relationships. I like to think of it as showing them "love."

A few weeks ago, I posted this question to nonprofit bloggers: How do you keep your donors wanting to come back?

We got dozens of responses! Here are my favorites.

Everything you need to know about improving your donor retention

The ever brilliant Jeff Brooks showcased his succinct creativity in the post: All the steps to insanely better donor retention.

If you check out only one post on this Nonprofit Blog Carnival roundup, make it this one.

More posts on how keep your donors coming back year after year

Speaking of Gail Perry and Shanon Doolittle, they are two of the experts I got to interview for an upcoming tool Pamela Grow and I are working on called The Donor Retention Project. You can learn more on my post: Put together the pieces of the Donor Retention Project in 2013.

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2013 looks to be a very challenging fundraising year. With nonprofits losing an average of 60%-70% of donors after the first gift, retaining them is much less expensive way to increase nonprofit revenues than finding new donors.

So share this post with any nonprofit leaders or board members you know. It is packed with cost effective ways to raise money.

And do yourself a favor and check out Jeff Brooks' All the steps to insanely better donor retention.

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  1. A blog carnival, what a great idea.

    I am a case (for support) consultant and have a few thoughts to share that relate to the topic of donors coming back:
    1. VISION. A number of years ago I was working on a planning study. I was interviewing a major gifts prospect who said: "Give me a vision I can be excited about and you can have my money."
    2. LEADERSHIP. Someone wise once told me that an organization can have a weak cause with strong leadership and succeed, but a strong cause with weak leadership is far less likely to achieve its goal.
    3. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Make sure the value proposition between your ask and your donor is tightly aligned. People give to what they value and believe in. For example, If a donor is looking to fill his or her retirement years with meaning and purpose, a message on how a gift will help reduce wait times at hospital is not your best message. A message about leading and championing the cause is more aligned to that donor's values.

  2. Thanks for sharing!


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  2. [...] looks to be a very challenging fundraising year. ?16 experts tell you how to keep your donors wanting to come [...]

  3. [...] looks to be a very challenging fundraising year. ?16 experts tell you how to keep your donors wanting to come [...]

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