PSA: Check your nonprofit's donation page NOW

Don't let this happen to you!

Last night, my wife and I were doing some year-end giving. We went to a nonprofit we love and found this on their donation page:
Is your donation page working?

Where there should have been a giving form, there was just a line of code. No way to give online at all. Don't let this happen to you!

This isn't the time of year to have a broken donation link!

We did end up sending a check but that wasn't our preference. And we communicated with the organization and they've fixed the page. (They also asked us to alert others to check their pages too.)

Stop what you're doing and check your nonprofit's donation page NOW!

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  1. Little mistakes like these give the impression that your organisation is not on top of its own activities. Why would you want to give money to someone when they're making easy mistakes. What if the next easy mistake involves your money. If you're asking for money you need to run a tight ship right down to the seemingly inconsequential matters.

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