Relationship Fundraising in the 21st Century - An academic study by Rogare

We live in the best time to fundraise! No longer are we at the mercy of the latest anecdote. Now we have a growing body of solid research into how to best help donors to invest in what matters to them most! Take this as an example: for over a year, the folks at Rogare,

How to not bore your donors to tears

Do you fear your donors are bored with you? Here's some good news: with all the holiday parties at this time of year, you have virtual laboratory for learning to be interesting! How to be interesting to your donors In his classic How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie gives you a secret

Nonprofit fundraising & Groundhog Day's Ned Ryerson

Happy Groundhog Day! It's become my Groundhog Day tradition to repost my 2008 post: Fundraising Secret #11: Don't Be A Ned. Enjoy! (And don't be a Ned!) Fundraising Secret #11: Don't be a Ned Click on the image to watch the clip. Does this sound like your fundraising efforts? Ned: Phil? Phil Connors? Phil Connors,


[Warning: Rant in progress] In my book Ask Without Fear!, I encourage fundraisers to PYITS--put yourself in their shoes. Thinking like the donor or prospect can save you lots of embarrassment in the process of asking for money. But never forget: you are not your perfect donor Your major gift donor prospects are not on

Creative messages stick!

Cleaning my desk, I just found this "chew on this" card from our local homeless shelter. I must've received it 4-6 months ago. In that time, I've thrown out more pamphlets and brochures than I can count. But I kept this card. Maybe it was the size--bigger than a business card, smaller than a full

How trade shows are like fundraising

Yesterday, I had the privilege of representing my social media coaching with the Human Business Works team at a trade show called the "New England Xpo." Trade shows are weird. Trade shows remind me of my work as an admissions counselor. You stand at a booth, waiting for people to come by. The trick is,

Fundraising Secret #42: You'll need to change your schedule

In Fundraising Secret #41, I encouraged you to go rounding on your donors. Since then, I've been reminded how much time this takes! It's not just the visit time, that time is wonderful. But it's time to set up the visits and then, more importantly, the time to record the visit in a database and