Relationship Fundraising in the 21st Century - An academic study by Rogare

We live in the best time to fundraise! No longer are we at the mercy of the latest anecdote. Now we have a growing body of solid research into how to best help donors to invest in what matters to them most! Take this as an example: for over a year, the folks at Rogare,

Are you giving donors the right clues?

When we're close to a system or procedure, we just assume everyone else knows what we know. We do this all the time with donors and board members. It's like we've set up a system of roads but only put half the road signs up. I explain more in this short video. (I tried to

16 experts tell you how to keep your donors wanting to come back

Since we celebrate Valentines Day in February, I thought I'd have this edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival focus on long-term donor relationships. I like to think of it as showing them "love." A few weeks ago, I posted this question to nonprofit bloggers: How do you keep your donors wanting to come back? We

Put together the pieces of the Donor Retention Project in 2013

I am working with the folks that created the 100 Donors in 90 Days program on a new product that will be released in the first few months of 2013. Labeled “The Donor Retention Project,” we’re interviewing a dozen experts to give very practical insider information, designed to put the pieces of the puzzle of

Donor retention: Dance with the ones who brung ya

Did you know the average nonprofit loses 7 donor out of 10 every year?! Indiana University's Adrian Sargeant, author of great books like "Building Donor Loyalty [Amazon affiliate link], has done statistical research proving this. But even ordinary, non-academicians know this to be true. Every year, a handful of my fundraising colleagues give year-end gifts

Nonprofit Blog Carnival - Self-care for nonprofit staff and fundraisers

Nonprofit's can be incredibly crushing places to work. We give all we have because we believe in our cause. Our passion is admirable but leads to bad choices about our own lives. I'd argue this is especially true for fundraisers. People don't really get what we do. And when we're successful, the bar gets raised!

Valentine's Day for fundraisers - showing yourself the love

Thank you! As a fundraiser for a nonprofit cause, you are changing the world. Making it a better place. We need people like you! Loving the askers If we're good at fundraising, we spend considerable time thinking about how to best thank our donors. We throw galas, write notes, set up tours and appointments with