Last issue I said we’d learn to “Live/Love/Like” the person whether they say “yes” or “no.” But asking for money rarely results in a simple “yes” or “no.” Nine times out of ten, people raise objections and tell you why they couldn’t possibly give what you’d asked.

So before we explore how to relate to people after the ask, let’s look at how to handle objections.
Think about your reaction to an objection. Is it an eager, joyous reaction? Or is it more akin to fear and dread?

I think most of us, at some level, take objections personally. This is scary! What if they ask a question I can’t answer?

What if they’re really saying, “I think you’re nuts and don’t have any idea why anyone with half a brain would make a gift to your organization!”

The good news is that they aren’t.

Objections are part of the businesses. None of us want to look to “easy” when it comes to responding to requests. For those of you with kids, are there times you answer them “Maybe” when you know you really intend to do what they’ve requested? There’s just something in us that doesn’t want to look too easy.

As I see it, there are three main reasons for objections:

  1. Lack of connection with the cause.
  2. Lack of cultivation of the prospect.
  3. The improper solicitation technique, either not knowing the donor (research and engage) or not thanking appropriately after the last gift.

The good news? The Get REAL process addresses all those areas!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be diving into objections. Maybe you’ll even learn to love objections.

But if not, at least you’ll learn to feel prepared for them!

This week, think about the most recent set of objections you received. Do they fit one of the three main reasons?

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