In my decade or so of doing fundraising, I don’t ever remember having a community member tell me they really liked a fundraising letter I sent them.

This summer it happened! Someone at the gym I go to told me how much they enjoyed the letter they’d just received.

Could it be because I used stories?

Here’s the letter, you be the judge. (This letter went to our inhouse mailing list.)

June XX, 2006

City, ST ZIP

Dear Name,

I’ve recently had the opportunity to read Pauline Buxton’s personal collection of Inland Hospital’s history. Her scrapbooks include pictures, newspaper clippings, and personal notes.

Amid all the articles about Inland, the most striking impression was the community support that’s been so significant in our 63 years.

  • Drs. Clare and Nora Brown saw a gap in healthcare in the community and moved 14 other physicians to give time and money to start what is now Inland.
  • Political leaders like Senators Margaret Chase Smith and Edmund Muskie helped secure necessary funding and equipment.
  • Community members were so committed they gave everything from hand-knitted bandages and teddy bears to huge fundraising balls and capital campaigns on behalf of Inland and Lakewood.

Inland has returned that commitment by providing five-star patient care and service, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, for more than six decades. Today Inland is leading the way with electronic medical records to ensure physicians have all the information they need to treat patients with the best care possible. In addition, beginning this month, Inland is offering the area’s first non-invasive, three-dimensional diagnosis for heart disease using our brand new 64-slice Cardiac CT Angiography service.

Inland has come a long way since 1943. But some things haven’t changed. We are still a not-for-profit community hospital committed to serving the people of Waterville and the surrounding communities–and we continue to rely on these communities for support.

Please consider making a gift today…it will make a difference in our community. Your donation may be designated to the program of your choice or given in honor of your favorite caregiver.

Thank you,

Marc A. Pitman
Director, Inland Foundation

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