[Warning: rant in progress]

Hang around me for any length of time and you’ll hear me rant about the awful tendency of those of us in nonprofits of getting entitled.

Sit in the back office of just about any nonprofit, and you’ll here people slip into talk that donors “owe” us the same size of gift they’ve given in previous years.

This has to change.

Donors earn their money. It’s theirs to do with as they please.

We need to earn the gift every single time. Even if we’re doing the most important work in the world.

We are responsible to do our mission with excellence.
We are responsible to track our wins and loses.
We are responsible for involving our donors in the work we do.
We are responsible to tell our story with incredible persuasion and power and convince them it is the most important work in the world and it is worthy of their investment, again.

And we must be continually asking current donors, “Who on your

  • bowling team,
  • carpool,
  • morning commute,
  • garden club,
  • golf club,
  • board of directors, etc.

would like what we’re doing?

It’s up to us to earn the gifts each and everytime we ask. And to be grateful for each and every gift we receive.

[the rant has come to a completion]

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