Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking for some good quality, inexpensive thank-you cards online, I Googled "Thank You cards." I was pleasantly surprised to find a link to a fantastic article on how to write a thank you note.

The key points made be the author Leslie Harpold (with my own comments) are:

  1. Greet the Giver - We all love our name. (And our name isn't "Dear Friend"!)
  2. Express Your Gratitude - You are saying "thanks" after all
  3. Discuss Use - I think this is the one we most often forget
  4. Mention the Past, Allude to the Future - let's them know you remember and that you're moving forward
  5. Grace - You're supposed to say "thanks" seven times so why not get it in a few times now?
  6. Regards - people give to people so let them know you're a person!

It's amazing how easy it is to miss one of these. Or to fall into the "I'm just writing to say..." verbosity trap.

Harpold includes much better explanations under each point. Read them and your fundraising thank you notes and letters will surely improve.

The entire how to write thank you notes is here.

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