Check out this Reuters story : Frugal librarian amassed $8 million art trove.

With a The Millionaire Next Door feel, librarian Jean Preston ate frozen meals and took the bus.

But she’d collected art work worth more around $8 million.

The lesson I get from this? Any fundraiser that had visited her would’ve noticed the quantity of art in this little home.

But I bet none visited her.

All these treasures were left in her house when she died. I bet she’d have loved to donate some to museums or other groups, if she’d only been asked.

Don’t neglect even modest donors. (If you’re not convinced, look at my “$100 donor or millionaire” blog post from last week.)

Quite often, the donors that “look” rich are in debt up to their eyeballs. And quite often, the modest, unassuming people have hidden treasures that they’d love to share with your nonprofit: memories & stories, art, antiques, or even estate gifts.

This year, why not committing to visiting ten of your more-modest-but-consistent donors?

You may want to start with your local librarian!

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