This question came across one of the listservs I’m on

Is there anyone using social networking sites such as Facebook for fundraising in any way? If so, can you provide details and is it successful?

I think we all need to be asking this kind of question!

Here’s my response:

Great question!

I’m not sure anyone’s really “figured out” how to monetize social networking.

What I love about it, is that it helps me get to know my donors better. As they do things, you can see it and comment.

How many of us REALLY get out from behind our desks and thank/interact with donors 7 times between asks? This seems to be a GREAT way to help us build those relationships.

The trick seems to be focusing on two or three tools.

I have a Facebook profile.

And am marcapitman on Twitter.

And since I don’t want to give my employer a bad name by creating a group and totally messing it up, I set one up for the book I wrote. That group is at:

Personally, I don’t mind messy up. I figure I’m going to if I’m taking risks. But I certainly don’t want to do something that would negatively affect the hospital!

That answer was before my interview with Chad Norman on the latest Ask Without Fear radio show. He really goes through not only tools out there but, more importantly, why nonprofits should be discussing how to use those tools.

You can hear that show at the AWF radio show with Chad Norman.

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