The Boston Project's Black Friday Cyber Monday Fundraising Email
I love The Boston Project. They do amazing work and have a long track record of effectiveness. They’re also one of the best I’ve ever seen at telling stories that reinforce their mission. Readers of my blog know that I’m a fan of good nonprofit storytelling!

Today I woke up to find this fundraising email in my inbox. Short, sweet, and to the point. Their fundraising idea: these four days are their “online fundraising adventure to finish the year ‘in the black!'”

A few weeks back, I wrote about “survival” not being an effective fundraising appeal. But do you see how this fundraising email doesn’t have the fear or panic of those kinds of appeals? (Click on the image above to see a bigger image of their fundraising email.)

There’s nothing to be gained by competing with some of the biggest retail days of the year. Instead, they’re saying “with the money you’re saving, would you help us too?”

If I ever revise my guide for using email in fundraising, I’ll definitely use this example!

And if you go to their online giving page, there’s a great picture of kids having a blast and a simple donation form. Pictures are great for storytelling. You just know the kids will be even better off for your giving!

The Boston Project's Black Friday Cyber Monday Giving Page

Would you help them finish the year in the black? Just click on the picture to make a Black Friday, Cyber Monday donation to the Boston Project.

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