The end of the year is coming upon us with unrelenting speed. Even if it’s not the end of your fiscal year, this is a tremendously important time. And there’s just over 2 weeks to go.

I tend to focus on soliciting individuals…or rather “inviting people to invest in your cause.” 🙂 And with good reason. Year after year, GivingUSA shows that 80-85% of gifts come from individuals.

But this week, I want to remind you to solicit businesses. Despite this soft economy, many companies are actually increasing their giving.

Since there’s only two weeks left, here’s a tip: smaller companies tend to be more generous. According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, less than 70% of companies making more than $1 million give to charity:

By contrast, 80 percent of businesses that earned between $250,000 and $1-million gave a share of profits to nonprofit groups, and 77 percent of companies that earned less than $250,000 gave to charity.

So you might want to focus your business conversations with the smaller firms on your donor list.

But as you’re asking, please remember that nobody owes you anything. Businesses are feeling a pinch now, so they may have to be more creative or flexible in their giving. Perhaps they could allow employees to volunteer for your organization. Or let them have a jeans Fridays with the proceeds supporting your cause.

Treat these businesses well. Businesses and business owners are already doing alot for our communities. And, if you’re able to be understanding now, you’ll be building relationships for years to come.

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