Fundraising coach branding on Twitter lists
Like so many others in the past few days, I read a great blog post on what twitter lists can say about your personal brand by Jay Baer.

He points out that Twitter lists give a unique insight in to what people think of you. As he says, these words they use help tell you “what you are, not what you wish you were.”

His friend created to help reduce your lists to the words people use to describe you.

To make it more fun, he recommends you cut and past those words into You may remember that exactly a year ago, I used Wordle to show if our appeals were donor-centered fundraising appeals or schpeal-centered. So it was fun to go back to Wordle to check this out.

A word of caution. If you use the converter, be sure to only cut and paste the words from the Twitter lists. When I did a “select all” it grabbed text from the web page. This made the word “remove” feature prominently in some of my early pictures. Not exactly flattering. 🙂

Why not carve some time out this week to read Jay’s great post. And then play around.

Two of the Wordles I made are here. Feel free to post links to your Wordles in the comments section!

Here’s my favorite:
Twitter list branding fun

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