I just saw a post on Mashable about how the Red Cross is helping get the word out about fundraising.

With a little snippet of code, you can have a thin red bar on the top of your website or blog to help raise money for the earthquake victims in Japan.

You can see a picture of the bar at:

Even more brilliant, you can easily turn it on or off. Now the Red Cross has access to the top real estate across the blogosphere and web. And, as the Red Cross’ Wendy Harman retweeted earlier today, there are plenty of disasters to be fundraising for.

I loved Wikipedia’s mobile fundraising. But that requires you to go to their site. This bar gets pushed out to others, allowing fans to help you fundraise (or at least making them look socially conscious).

UPDATE: Ok. In my enthusiasm about cool fundraising ideas, I didn’t fully read the post. The bar isn’t developed by the Red Cross. It’s called the “Hello Bar. Apparently you can configure it to promote anything you want.

Here’s how the company that developed the bar is using it on their site:

The screenshot on Mashable clearly lists the Red Cross. But the link now (as seen in the screen shot above) goes to a page on Google called Tsunami Relief.

I can’t vouch for the company or the tool bar. But it looks like Tim Ferriss is using the bar to promote his new book.

Ok. I’ve given you enough information to find out more if you’re interested. 🙂

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